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30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life: A Plan to Transform Your Heart and Your World [Joe Engelkemier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.
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Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. Extra Content. That''s one good reason why he''s your boss. This discovery has been made in the word laboratories of the world Not by theoretical English professors, but by practical, hard-headed scientists who have been searching for the secrets of success.

After a host of experiments and years of testing they have found out: That if your vocabulary is limited your chances of success are limited. That one of the easiest and quickest ways to get ahead is by consciously building up your knowledge of words.

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That the vocabulary of the average person almost stops growing by the middle twenties. And that from then on it is necessary to have an intelligent plan if progress is to be made. No hit-or-miss methods will do. It has long since been satisfactorily established that a high executive does not have a large vocabulary merely because of the opportunities of his position. That would be putting the cart before the horse.

Quite the reverse is true. His skill in words was a tremendous help in getting him his job. Johnson O''Connor of the Human Engineering Laboratory of Boston and of the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, gave a vocabulary test to one hundred young men who were studying to be industrial executives.

Five years later, all, without exception, of those who had passed in the upper 10 per cent had executive positions, while not a single young man of the lower 25 per cent had become an executive. Some of the factors that lead to success can be measured as scientifically as the contents of a test tube, and it has been discovered that the one and only common characteristic of outstandingly successful people is "an extensive knowledge of the exact meaning of English words.

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And here's the best news of all: a large vocabulary is not tied to your social status, your genes, or even your education level. It is a skill that can be learned - and it takes only 30 days.

ISBN 13: 9781578660308

In this cutting-edge program, 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, personal development expert and English enthusiast Dan Strutzel will instruct, enlighten, and inspire you with a concentrated day program that will teach you over words. But, more than teaching you these words, the uniquely designed program will ensure that these words become a habit-knit part of your life - and with minimal effort on your part.

Best of all, research shows that learning new words has an exponential effect on the size of your vocabulary - since learning one word naturally produces an association between two to three more words. In short, after reading and applying the system in this day program, you will not only have a bigger vocabulary - you will have a brighter future! Feb 26, Monica rated it really liked it. After going through this book I kept seeing those vocab words pop up everywhere.

Before I would have had no idea what those meant. It turns out I knew most of the words in this book already, and some of the words I learned I probably will never have a use for - weltschmerz, vainglorious, uxorious, somnambulism — to name a few. It may have been booted out of the dictionary to make room for disco, space shuttle, or Internet.

It felt more like it was written in the s to me.

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It would be interesting to read a more current version of this to see how the authors changed it to correspond to our shiny, modern, utopian world. Oct 11, Rahul Lingala rated it it was ok Shelves: life. Ditched in the middle. Though you can see the author putting efforts to teach you good vocabulary, I don't think this book will serve the purpose. I still believe the best way to improve your vocabulary is still the traditional one: read books regularly and try to incorporate the new words in your language.

Feb 03, Maninder Singh rated it really liked it. It's good book for intermediate learners. New learners first learn basics because in it not have start to zero. Its just vocabulary so it's for who already knows some English. Jul 14, Masroor Dahri rated it it was amazing Shelves: days-vocabulary. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Awesome book. Oct 03, Simran Gangaramani rated it it was amazing. Just adorable. Really adds a lot of powerful words to your vocabulary and also enriches our language. Aug 06, Lisa Kucharski rated it really liked it. I have the print of this book.

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So, some of the language being used has shifted and changed when read by someone of Great book to get engaged in language and learning not just new words but the source of words. The only little chapter which talked about current words whose meanings were different years ago was a great example of how language lives and changes. Would highly recommend this to anyone interested in increasing vocabulary. Nov 13, Nex Juice rated it really liked it. I liked this book because I enjoy learning new words and discovering their meanings and origins.

Some of the words are rarely used or needed. Helpful little book with a variety of good exercises and tips to build vocabulary, but some of the word usage is outdated. For those on a tight study schedule, it can be completed in less than thirty days without losing learned word retention.

My honors english teacher in high school sophomore year? My husband and use it to quiz each other just for fun! I know, we're weird.

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I had to read this book in high school and thought I should revisit it. It was good Just repetition, learn new words every day.

30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life : A Plan to Transform Your Heart and Your World

Some of the words I will probably never say again in my life ochlocracy? A book with good qualities, simple to read, fun exercises but many of the words are obviously outdated and I have never encountered before. A book like this would be more beneficial if it had been written within the last 20 years. Second reading: Shelves: educational. Unfortunately, they're still not part of my everyday lingo. Jul 13, Lorelle rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Geeks like me.